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Jan 13, 2018
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Written by Akash Pandey


Personal Selling is a process in which one party (example- Seller or Salesman) is trying to sell something to other party (example –Potential Customer) face to face by using different marketing skills and techniques.

In this Seller encourage buyer to make purchase.

Personal selling is one part of a company’s promotion mix, along with sales promotion, advertising, and public relations.


There are mainly 8 steps in sales process but on some websites you will read 7 steps in sales process it is so because they have neglected the most important Part of sales promotion that is Pre sale preparation.

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Stages of Selling Process




Pre sale preparation is the most important and the most neglected step in personal selling process.

In this step you select right person for marketing  and selling your product, you give him proper training and motivate him to achieve target successfully .

Salespersons must be fully familiar and aware with the products which he is going to sell.

It is the responsibility of company, organization, firm etc to tell new salesman about his company history, products, earlier projects, success and also he must know about his competitor, his Products , services and challenges from his competitors so that he can handle all this successfully.

Pre- sale preparation can make or break your business. Every penny you spend in this step will pay back 100 times more.


Prospecting is about searching the right customer for your product.

In this step salesperson look for a person who is in need of his products and services and have ability to buy them.

It is very important to narrow down the target market because not everyone in your targeted market is willing to buy your products and services.

To get success in this step you must know where to dig and what to look for.

It’s also important to distinguish between a lead, a prospect, and a qualified prospect.

How I can find my potential customer?

Through observation, Survey and analysis of your earlier and existing customer you can find your potential customer.


It is the first step where seller begins building relationship with customer.

In this step seller approach/talk to right customer with purchasing power why I used the line “right customer with purchasing power “I used this line because it is really important for a seller to approach directly to person who have power and ability to buy your products.

 For example if your company is selling a software for school then try to approach principal or manager of the school and explain them about your product and how it will help their school if they are convinced they will buy your product because they have purchasing power .

If you approach the gate keeper, teacher, or receptionist even though you successfully convinced them it is not going to help you because they don’t have purchasing power.


In this step seller give brief introduction about his products and services like how it is useful for them, prices , benefits etc.

Try to understand the customer’s pain and problem and then focus more on telling benefits of using your product so that they can relate their situation with your presentation and can continuously hold his attention and create interest in the product.


In this step seller demonstrate his products to arouse the desire and interest of customer in his product. Seller will demonstrate how the product work, how it is useful and how it  can solve your problems .seller will tell about qualities and features of product to satisfy the customer .


In this step salesman should clear all doubts, query and objections about his product without entering into a controversy and without losing his temper.

Everyone one want to spend his hard earned money in right way .customer have full right to verify your products ,clear his doubt to ensure he is buying right product for his needs .

It is salesman’s  responsibility to convince the customer that he is making the best use of his money by purchasing the product.

How to convince the customer to buy a product?

You can use different means like testimonials, money back guarantee policy, showing superiority of your product than your competitor etc to convince your customer.


In this step salesperson tries to complete the sales process but this is not easy task because more than 80 % of sales are lost due to inappropriate handling of the customers thus salesperson fails to close the deal.

Don’t force your customer to buy product instead help them in making final decision .Some adjustment in your price and concession is necessary for successful closing of  deal.


In this step seller ensure that his customer is happy with his products and services for example seller ensure that his product is running smoothly, if maintenance is required he will serve the customer and give after sale service if required.

If seller had already sold his product then why seller is doing all this ?

Seller is providing after sale services  and doing all this to secure a future order .

If customer is happy with your product and services then he will definitely buy again from you and promote and recommend your product to others and this will finally increase your sale and profit.


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