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Feb 17, 2016
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Marketing communications Process & key Stages

Written by Akash Pandey

In this post You are going to learn about Marketing Communication process and stages involved in marketing communication .I have mentioned below definition and meaning of marketing communication process and its key terms so that you can understand it clearly.This is second post of our digital marketing tutorial series.First one is what is marketing .

What is Communication ?- The process of generating meaning by sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal symbols and signs that are influenced by multiple contexts.(

What is Marketing Communication ? – It can be described as all the messages and media you or your organization use to communicate with the market. It is well planned marketing strategy to reach the target market. Through this you can easily convey your message to your market.

What Marketing communication includes ?-advertising, PR activities, direct marketing, packaging, branding,your online presence, printed materials, ,sponsorships, sales presentations, trade show appearances and more.

What are the Objectives of Marketing communication process ?- The twin objectives of marketing communications are creating preference in the mind of the consumer and shortening the sales cycle for the company. Shortening the sales cycle means assisting your sales and channel partners in their efforts to identify, engage and deliver a customer.

6 stages of Marketing Communication

Sender —> Encoding —> Message —> Decoding —> Receiver—>Feedback

Sender or communicator

In Marketing Communication the party or person who is sending the messages to the other party or person is the sender for example Company which produces the products or provide any form of services to its customer is the sender. In marketing communication process it becomes essential for sender to know its target market ,demographics, Purchasing power capacity etc of its receiver . You as a sender must know the purpose of  message  you want to communicate and make sure that message contain useful and correct information.


The conversion of thought into the meaningful symbols is called encoding .It Involves communicating the message in understandable terms for the consumer .Message must be encoded in right format so that it achieves its goal. In marketing communication process Media agency or advertising agency play an important role they encode proper message depending on the type of media used for sending this messages. Message should be clearly understandable and free from any form of confusing or potentially offensive themes such as cultural issues.For different media like T.V ,Print media, Radio etc messages are encoded differently because all are different in its own way .Must remember one thing that  focus message needs to be the same in all media.


Channel is the medium that will be used to “transfer the message”. Channels are the way you convey your message. These channels include verbal such as telephone, and face-to-face conversations as well as non-verbal such as e-mail and text messaging. Each individual channel has its strengths and weaknesses in terms of communicating. For example, it is better to give instructions non-verbally rather than expecting the person you are communicating with will remember everything you tell them.Main purpose of using different channel is to reach target audiences as large as possible because in the sales funnel, the more prospects means more conversion rate. Company uses different channels for different marketing aim like they use different media for building brand image, for launching new products for creating awareness etc.It is two types

Personal Face-to-face communication with target group

Non Personal– These are channels which convey message without any interpersonal contact between the sender and the receiver.It is of 2 type

(1.)Print Media: Newspapers, magazines, direct mails, etc.

(2.)Electronic Media: Radio and Television.


The conversion of symbols into meaning by the receiver is called decoding. Decoding is done by Receiver it is how the customer interprets the message. The person who receives the message or symbol from the communicator tries to convert the same in such a way so that he may extract its meaning to his complete understanding. Encoder must ensure that message which they are encoding is understandable for receiver .If it is not understandable and receiver fails to decode your message then your marketing communication fails.


Receiver is the person who receives the message or for whom the message is meant for. Receiver is your prospect depending on the effectiveness of you message he will take action on it –It may be possible he ignore your message if he is not interested or if he decode your message differently. It may be possible he remember your message and take action on it in future or It may be possible he will take action quickly by purchasing your products  if he is interested and encodes your message in way you want him to encode .To ensure that receiver act on message integrated marketing is used .


The portion of the response of the receiver that is sent back to the sender is called feedback. Feedback measures how successful the advertising campaign was. This feedback will tell the company whether its advertising strategy was right or wrong. Depending on feedback company improves his products, services and marketing strategy.

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